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I've taken on sponsors for Dr Lingua

January 25, 2022

I started this site with big plans, but quickly ran into an issue of not being able to afford any of them.

These plans include adding audio, a heap more games, and providing more of a structure for learning the basics on Japanese through playing games. I never considered that I would have to pay for things.

After 6 years of paying for hosting for this site I was thinking of shutting it down. Instead I decoded to take on a couple of sponsors to help pay for the hosting, and hopefully provide me with some funds to start on the bigger plan.

I've taken on Japanese101 podcast as a sponsor:

JapanesePod101.com - Learn Japanese with Free Daily Podcasts

The quality is great, and I'm more than happy to have them on board. They offer daily mini Japanese audio lessons, and have a structure taking you from beginner to advanced.

The other sponsor is the the Master Japanese book:

Master Japanese | Digital Package

This is a really interesting combination of language learning tips, and ways to create a Japanese immersion environment wherever you are. Highly recommended!

I'm happy to have these on as sponsors, and hopefully I can get some more content underway here in the future.

Note that if you click a link to them on this site, and decide to opt in to a paid service of theirs, I will get a small commission. It doesn't effect the price to you.