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Flash is dead, so how do we make kids education games now? (hint, it's HTML5)

September 27, 2017

One thing that really kicked this project off was me trying to find educational Japanese language games for my kids to play on their iPads. Sadly, almost all the games I could find online were Flash. Flash was awesome in it's day, and still has it's place in content creation for apps and movies, but it's just not good enough anymore to provide kids educational content with Flash.

Students, and teachers, expect to be able to use all types of devices to run educational games. For my day job I make English literacy and maths games for kids in the K-3 range. The games are used in a large number schools throughout the world and we have a lot of users – and they are rarely used on desktop computers.

Instead, the majority of our my job's customers use iPads, Android tablets, or Chromebooks. To cater for the demands of schools, homeschoolers, and everyday parents, we make all the games at work in HTML5.

Japanese educational games HTML5 logo

I can't emphasise how strongly HTML5 should be utilised making educational games. It runs on any browser from the last 10 years. No software needs ot be installed, and you aren't at risk of a company making a change to their software and breaking games for all your users (cough Adobe Flash player cough).

On this site I'll be making a number of kids educational Japanese language games, starting with basic Kana games for Hiragana and Katakana. Then extending into new areas to keep ahead of my kids. And I will be making them in a way that the games run on whatever devices they use to access the web at home and at school – that means making games with HTML5 so everyone can access the games and learn from them, and they are reasonably future proof.