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Finding good Hiragana practice games online

September 28, 2017

When I learned Hiragana, and was helping my kids learn Hiragana, I had a major gripe. I'm used to playing online games on a mobile device – either an iPad or an iPhone – not on a desktop. As for my kids, they never use a desktop. But it was super hard for me to find any good practice Hiragana games online for mobile.

There were a lot that were made using Flash, so could be played via a browser, and a lot of apps, but that didn't suit me. In an effort to save other people the hassle of finding mobile friendly Hiragana games online, I've made a list.

Note that I've dropped any Flash games from being listed here. If you're on a desktop, there's other lists of Hiragana games like this one, but most of them won't play on mobile devices. I've also left out games that theoretically will play on mobile devices, but are layed out for desktop and are not practical to play on iOs or Android.

Kana Bento - Kana drag-n-drop game

I made this one for my kids. It's a simple drag and drop game for practicing Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji.

Kana Bento kana game screenshot

Hiragana drag-n-drop - Kana Bento

Kana Invaders

This is a cute little game, inspired by old school space invaders. It's coverted to HTML5 from Flash using Google's Swiffy, and runs well. The main problem with it is the web page is not responsive. Buy that I mean it's written to me shown on a desktop screen, not mobile. This means you should be able to play it on a tablet, but will probably have a hard time on a phone.

Kana Invaders game screenshot

Kana Invaders

Hiragana Quiz

Simple game with an onscreen keyboard for typing Romaji to match the presented Kanas. Responsive page, so you're good to use a phone or a tablet. Deals with Hiragana, Katakana, including diacritics and digraphs.

It's a good practice games, though the onscreen keyboard is a pain. I totally understand though, you can't bring up the native keyboard from a HTML5 game, I share the pain!

Hiragana Quiz game screenshot

Hiragana Quiz

Hiragana Quiz (2)

A different Hiragana Quiz. From the same site as Kana Invaders, sharing the same problem being a non-responsive site. Nontheless, if you're on a tablet, this is a cute little game to run through the Hiragana Kanas.

Hiragana Quiz game screenshot

Hiragana Quiz (2)

Did I miss anything?

If you've come across other decent Hiragana games online that are playable on mobile devices, please let me kmow. The more good practice Hiragana games I can list here, the better. You can reach me through the contact page.